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8 Week Term 3 Totz program (B-Babes Hope Island)

Date: Tuesday, 12th July
Venue: Bonny babes, Crescent Ave, Hope Island - Directions

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Group Time Cost
3 - 5 yr olds 10.00am - 10.30am $70 per child
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Following each weeks sessions, we provide an interactive colouring in sheet for each participating child in relation to that particular weekly activity.

Our weekly activities relate to all the relevant aspects of learning soccer,  such as : dribbling, passing , goalscoring, team games, etc.


These programs are for 3-5yr olds and are held at various Childcare Centres. The duration of these sessions is around 30 minutes. We believe these programs assist with a child`s fundamental learning in a safe, fun and structured environment. This program focuses on social and personal learning (trust in peers, turn taking, collaboration, friendships), mathematical learning (comparing, colours, counting, length, estimation), active learning (problem solving, following instructions, concentration and persistence, reasoning and making decisions) language, communication, healthy and physical learning (body co-ordination, balance and strength, flexibility and perception).

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