Learning in a fun, positive and structured environment where players learn from self-discovery.

Our approach to coaching is about creating scenarios to achieve an outcome. Our coaching objective for each particular session is to set bite-size goals which then allow all players to learn at their own speed and constantly achieve success.

As part of these programs we strive to encourage good behaviour, sportsmanship and general positive life skills that we hope will benefit all players who participate in SIBA Soccer.

This Breeds confidence! Confidence breeds success! Players improve when confident!

Our coaching programs are based around a player`s “Golden Age” of motor learning, incorporating gross motor and functional game skills.


These programs are for 3-5yr olds and are held at various Childcare Centres. The duration of these sessions is around 30 minutes. We believe these programs assist with a child`s fundamental learning in a safe, fun and structured environment. This program focuses on social and personal learning (trust in peers, turn taking, collaboration, friendships), mathematical learning (comparing, colours, counting, length, estimation), active learning (problem solving, following instructions, concentration and persistence, reasoning and making decisions) language, communication, healthy and physical learning (body co-ordination, balance and strength, flexibility and perception).

After School Programs

A fun, safe and structured one hour after school program held at various schools and Colleges designed for school students to learn the fundamental skills of football in the comfort of their own school. These programs are held either once or twice a year at any particular School/College. If you would like to see us at your school please contact us.

Club Skill Programs

These are generally held at Soccer Club Venues and can be tailored to suit all age groups. The content of these sessions is based on various skill-based topics with the average duration being an hour or so long. The emphasis of this particular program is to improve and sustain a good level of ball control. This program is often a great way for current or potential club players to top up their skills, knowledge and confidence in the game.

Holiday Programs

These are fun based, educational, social and well structured programs to suit children of 5 yrs and up. These programs are held at different locations, such as Soccer Clubs and Schools/Colleges, with the normal duration being over 3 consecutive mornings (although some holiday programs may differ). The general content of these programs consist of learning all aspects of the fundamentals of Soccer skills , 1v1, 2v2 and other small sided games as well as other team building challenges.

Pro Skill Programs

Pro-skills training is a specially designed form of training where a club can supply a consistent level of technical development that supports the team coach. This is generally a club wide program that is delivered on a weekly basis for a period of time. Our main development method is for the young players to learn through ‘guided self discovery’ while playing.

We have three key contents within this program:

  • Ball Manipulation
  • 1 v 1
  • Group play

Upcoming Programs:
  • Jun
  • 24
3 day June School holiday program

Venue: Coomera Colts Soccer Club, Viney Park, Yaun St, Coomera
Cost: $130 per child

  • Jul
  • 1
3 day July School holiday program

Venue: Coomera Colts Soccer Club, Viney Park, Yaun St, Coomera
Cost: $130 per child

  • Jul
  • 9
8 Week Term 3 Totz program (B-Babes Hope Island)

Venue: Bonny babes, Crescent Ave, Hope Island
Cost: $80 per child

  • Jul
  • 10
8 week Term 3 Totz program (Arden Early Learning)

Venue: Arden Early Learning, 88 Doolan st, Ormeau
Cost: $80 per child

  • Jul
  • 11
8 Week Term 3 Totz program (St Stephens childcare)

Venue: Saint Stephens College Childcare Centre, Reserve rd, Coomera
Cost: $80 per child

  • Jul
  • 11
8 week Term 3 Totz program (BonnyBabes Coomera)

Venue: Bonny babes,Yaun st, Coomera
Cost: $80 per child

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